Software Programming Guide

Are you a developer who wants to build a custom application for a blood glucose meter? Below you will see which blood glucose meters have open protocols and documentation available for building custom software applications.

Our software programming guides are bundled to make the download and support process as easy as possible. Go to Step 1 below to download the software programming guide bundle today in just 3 easy steps!

Available Computer Interface Specifications (CIS)


This protocol includes documentation for the CONTOUR™ NEXT ONE and CONTOUR™ PLUS ONE blood glucose meter

CONTOUR™USB 3rd party CIS:

This protocol includes documentation for the CONTOUR™USB blood glucose meter


This protocol includes documentation for the CONTOUR™NEXT blood glucose meter

CONTOUR™ meters 3rd party CIS:

This protocol includes documentation for a selection of blood glucose meters, including:

  • CONTOUR™XT blood glucose meter
  • CONTOUR™NEXT EZ blood glucose meter
  • CONTOUR™PLUS blood glucose meter
  • CONTOUR™blood glucose meter
  • CONTOUR™TS blood glucose meter
  • BREEZE™2 blood glucose meter
  • Select Ascensia blood glucose meters
  • Select Glucometer blood glucose meters
  • Ascensia Diabetes Care does not distribute Third Party Protocol documents for our Contour™ Link family of meters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are programming guides?
A: We produce a variety of blood glucose meters, both with and without a computer interface. These documents describe the computer interface used by all meters in the Contour™ blood glucose meter family that have a computer interface. These programming guides provide technical information in order to facilitate the writing of computer programs that communicate with Contour™ blood glucose meters, including:
  • The communication protocol for transmitting test results throught the computer interface
  • The communication protocol for configuring the meter and interrogating the meter configuration through the computer interface
  • Sample communication sequences
Q: What blood glucose meters currently have programming guides?
A: At the present time, programming guides are available for the following Contour® blood glucose meters: CONTOUR™ NEXT ONE, CONTOUR™ PLUS ONE, CONTOUR® NEXT, COUNTOUR® NEXT USB, CONTOUR® USB, CONTOUR® NEXT EZ, CONTOUR®, CONTOUR® TS, and BREEZE®2. The programming guides also include details on our legacy brand meters, like Glucometer.
Q: How can I get notified when new programming guides become available?
A: When you sign up to receive the programming guides, we'll ask for your email and address to keep you up to date on the current releases of the programming guides. When new versions are available, we'll simply email you with a link to download any and all updated programming guides.